Application for the Austin Swing Syndicate skate Board '19

Howdy! I'm Simon Cruanes, 31, french, computer scientist, and now Lindy and Collegiate Shag dancer. I moved to Austin in January 2018 to work in a startup. I have been dancing for exactly a year, and the Fed is the place where I met all my friends on this side of the pond. The syndicate is very open and welcoming to beginners. I see it as a friendly place for casual dancers, a Petri dish of more advanced dancers, and an inclusive social club.

I'm applying for the board to give back on this vibrant community and help the amazing volunteers who run it. I started volunteering in September, mostly on the front desk, but also occasionally on openings and special events such as New Year's Eve. To the board, I would bring several things of various relevance:

I hope to see y'all at the election town hall!